Tim: The Encounter Chapter 4 (1)
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Tim tossed the keys atop a stack of unread books on a table near the door and then headed into the kitchen. It was now almost five o’clock and sunlight was beginning to filter into the apartment through the French doors. The open kitchen—separated from the living room by a long countertop—offered him a splendid view of the brightening sky, which he enjoyed as he poured himself a tall glass of water.

He watched as dust motes swam in the streams of light, glowing like giant electrons. He poured himself a second helping of water, gulped it down, and then placed the empty glass in the dish drain before heading towards his bedroom. Stripping to the buff along the way, he tossed his sweat-soaked clothes into a hamper near the door before entering.

The cool air was a w...

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