Chapter Twenty-Four / Hurricane Marcus
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Genny slept a little better until she heard about the tropical storm getting ready to hit the coast. She had to admit she was a little worried. As a way to take her mind off Brad, she finally contacted Marcus. On the day he scheduled a visit with her, the rain outside was coming down quite hard.

The howling wind kept Genny from noticing the sounds of the two cars pulling into her driveway within seconds of each other. She did, however, hear something hit hard against the house. When she opened the door, Hank had each side of Marcus’s jacket gripped tightly in his fists.

“Max, you’re not going to get another chance to hurt GG.

Marcus slowly raised his hands in the air. “I’m not Max.”

“Hank, let Marcus go! Hank!”

He loosened his hold. She...

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