Chapter Nineteen / Love Can Be Deadly
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April 2014

Genny phoned Max as promised when she left her father’s house. He admitted a lack of hunger due to eating a late lunch. As soon as she entered the door, he sprang from the sofa and announced he had something special planned for her birthday. He grabbed her hand and practically yanked her up the stairs.

Once inside the bedroom, Max ordered Genny to remove her clothing. He remained rooted in place to watch her intently, and then shed his own apparel. She was guided to where she stood in front of the bed. He turned her around, bent her over, and gently caressed her ass. His right hand suddenly smacked her cheek fiercely. The bold action stunned her. He slowly slid the same hand down the length of her long mane. When he had seductively made his way to the b...

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