Chapter Sixteen / The Lies
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Hank was out the door before Genny could ask him to further elaborate. She called Max to warn him, but also demanded to know what was going on with her ex-husband. He advised her he would come over to explain and did not want to continue the conversation on the phone.

Max arrived within half an hour and took a seat on the couch with Genny. He lowered her head and could not look her in the eye as he began his side of the story. “I did promise Hank that I’d help him. When I saw you again, I changed my mind. From what you confided to me, he had his chance. It was over between the two of you—and definitely for good this time.”

“That’s true, but how did Hank locate you? I tried.”

“He hired a private investigator. He also gave me the money to give ba...

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