Chapter Seventeen / Hank Versus Max
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February 2014

A few days after Genny’s conversation with Max, Alivia and Jackson had both gone down for a nap. Those moments were rare. She went to her bedroom for a little rest herself.

As the back of her neck tingled, she stirred. She rolled over to come face-to-face with Hank. He took her in his arms and his lips passionately descended onto hers. He lowered her pajama bottoms and panties to enter her before the fog surrounding her brain lifted. She could feel him inside of her and wanted to yell for him to stop. For some strange reason, she could not. His kisses and his hands on her body felt so good—so familiar.

Her ex-husband completely satisfied her. She thoroughly enjoyed his intimate touches during their actual sexual encounter. However, when their lovemaki...

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