Chapter Fourteen / Friends, Nothing More
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Hank insisted if Genny was not well enough to travel, he could simply postpone their outing to another day. She curled up on the couch for a little while. After about half an hour, she convinced him she felt better and got ready for their adventure.

When they arrived at the zoo, Alivia loved observing all the animals. Genny and Hank enjoyed their daughter’s reactions and expressions. They beamed proud smiles.

Genny was fine for a good fifteen minutes, and then suddenly a wave of severe nausea hit her. She ran behind a tree, bent over, and spewed out the little bit of lunch she had eaten. After a few minutes spent trying to persuade Hank she was fine, the retching began again. They started their drive home, and she demanded he pull over at once. He checked his GPS for a nearby hotel, so she...

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