Chapter Thirteen / Murder, He Wrote
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When Genny woke up and rolled over, the sun shone brightly through her windows. She slowly made her way downstairs. The box remained on the coffee table in the same place she left it. She called out Hank’s name, but he did not answer. There was a note on the refrigerator, divulging he and Alivia had gone for a run. She poured herself a glass of juice, and sauntered out onto the front porch to curl up in her favorite chair.

Genny’s focus was instantly captured by the hunky muscle guy as he made his way up the beach. He always waved to her and Alivia, and they waved back. Instead of passing by, he jogged to the bottom of her steps and stopped to chat.

“Hey. I’m Brad Kaplan. I see you’re by yourself today. I’m your next-door neighbor. I’ve always wanted to stop...

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