Chapter Twelve / A Divorce and a Wedding
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December 2012

As several months passed by, Genny felt closer to Hank than ever before. Her husband had been especially attentive and protective since the party, because he blamed himself for even suggesting they attend. The couple cuddled peacefully in each other’s arms on cloud nine after an amorous lovemaking session, but were forced back to reality when his cell rang. He picked it up off the nightstand and announced the caller was his mother. The numbers illuminated on the clock showed the time to be three minutes after eleven. Lindsey never phoned at such a late hour, so she urged him to answer.

“Hey, Mom.” He sat up in bed, and she could only hear his side of the conversation. “Just tell me. No. I don’t want to wait to talk to you in person. How bad is it? Okay. I und...

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