Chapter Nine / The Attack
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A few minutes after nine that night, Genny placed Alivia on the changing table and realized she had used her last diaper. She picked up her cell phone to text her father, but could not bring herself to infringe on his romantic date. The thought occurred to her to place a call Hank. He would surely get the wrong idea if they were alone together. Her only option was to take her daughter on a quick run to the store.

They journeyed inside and gathered the diapers needed, plus a few snack items. Genny had an uneasy feeling while she walked to her car with Alivia on her hip and the bags in her hand. There was an overwhelming urge to turn around and run back into the market. She tightly clasped the pepper spray attached to her key ring and reminded herself that her dad made her take self-defense classes before al...

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