Chapter Two / Her First Time
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Hank and Genny became practically inseparable at school and their games. Others perceived them as the ideal couple. They enjoyed simply hanging out and always did their homework together at either his house or hers. Charles and Hank’s mother, Lindsey, did not hide their effort to make sure the two teens were never left unsupervised.

Hank still managed to find ways to seek solitude with his true love. Once during a drive home from a game, he pulled over in an alleyway for a quick make-out session. Genny chastised his immature move and made him swear never to act so foolishly again.

He did not want to rush their relationship and tried his best to hold back his emotions. This was especially problematic when the intensity of his love consumed him to his very soul. After an exceptionally concupiscent...

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Table of Contents

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