Chapter One / Girl Falls for Boy
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North Carolina, August 2010 

Genny felt especially good about her appearance as she exited her house on the first day as a senior. During her first block, Owen McIntyre took the seat in front of her and flirted relentlessly at every given opportunity. She tried to be polite in case he ended up being her only option for prom, but the event would not take place until the end of the school year. He was attractive enough with his long, sandy brown hair and deep brown eyes with gold flecks, but her sights needed to be set higher than a boy with a reputation as a drug dealer.

Genny’s lax schedule offered her plenty of time to seek out the location of her locker after the bell rang, and she exited her class. She took a single step out the door and barely moved into the hall...

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Table of Contents

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