Chapter 23 - The Long Goodbye (2)
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"No ... I don't ... I don't know." Jamie fought back the tears she felt coming. She hadn't planned on this, but she'd certainly thought it. And it felt like the right thing to do. "I hate seeing you like this. I hate that this is my fault. I didn't plan on anything today. I just wanted to see you. But ... but ..."

It took a while for Parker's face to harden into a frown. "Really, you had to do this while I'm hospitalized?"

Jamie sighed. "The whole thing has just been weighing on me."

Parker turned to look at the bars on her window. "If you're gonna go, just go."

Jamie hesitated, not sure what to do. Finally, she squeezed Parker's hand and left.


It was a long, quiet drive with her...

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