Chapter 22 - The Future Soon (3)
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On reaching the edge of the circular platform, Kensei gave a quick bow and then slipped into a fighting stance.

Kensei wasn't ready for how fast Imperial Dynamo could move. She barely dodged out of the way of a thrust, then realized it had been a feint as Dynamo shifted the attack. Kensei tried to get in close, find some way to disarm Imperial Dynamo, but everywhere she went, sharp steel was waiting for her.

"I admire the Oriental fighting arts. I studied them briefly when we were allied with Japan. It was ... novel."

Dynamo's thrust struck a control panel as Kensei jumped from the surface of it to the bank of monitors. Sparks erupted from broken wiring.

"You know," Kensei said, "'Oriental' is a pretty offensive word. The correct term is 'Asian.'&qu...

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