Chapter 22 - The Future Soon (2)
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"I'm sure that sounds better in Italian."

Imperial Vortex yelled out in rage and charged at Kensei, who in turn ducked out of the path of the blade and used the momentum to shove Vortex off balance.

While her girlfriend stumbled forward, Kensei kneed her in the ribs. Vortex responded by grabbing Kensei around the waist, lifting her, and falling backward to piledrive Kensei into the floor.

Kensei curled into the fall, rolling forward with Vortex still holding on. Vortex hit the ground hard, then threw Kensei away one handed. Kensei twisted midair and landed on her feet.

"Magically enhanced strength?" Kensei asked, as Vortex pulled herself to her feet.

"Not all of us are lucky enough to be born into power. We have to take it."

Kensei's head...

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