Chapter 22 - The Future Soon (1)
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After several minutes of sliding down chutes she couldn't gain any traction on, Kensei was dumped out onto a padded floor. She appeared to be in a cell lined with iron bars, but the door hung open. Slowly pulling herself to her feet, she drew her katana and walked toward the exit. It felt wrong for it to be open.

"She wants you to come out of there," said a familiar voice. She looked and saw another barred cell, this one locked, with Parker's dad in it.

"Mr. Fiorenza?"

"Hey, Jamie. I'm sorry about all this."

Kensei walked across the linoleum-covered hallway to the other cell. "You still evil?"

Anthony Fiorenza hung his head in shame. "I didn't mean for all this to happen. I mean, I got excited when I found out about the...

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