Chapter 21 - A Break in the Case (4)
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Spirits were normally insubstantial, so she didn't know what good this would do. But she extended her hand anyway. The spirit grabbed hold of her hand, its hand very substantial and strong. Cold seeped into Kensei's bones as the spirit held her tight and locked gazes with her. Something in the spirit's gaze shifted, and it jerked its hand back.

"You have more problems than you know," the spirit muttered, rubbing its hand.

"What problems? Is this about Loki trying to kill me?" Kensei asked.

With a sneer, the spirit responded, "That will cost you extra."

Kensei wanted to punch the spirit, but instead answered, "Never mind. How do I find Imperial Dynamo?"

"She's very good at her craft, but I'm better. I can feel the edges of th...

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