Chapter 21 - A Break in the Case (1)
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People stared as Kensei and her friends and family walked through the lobby of the Starcom building. The morning sun limned everything with a pale gold, and office workers with coffee cups in hand gawked at the masked figures.

In other cities, a band of masked people walking into the lobby probably signaled terrorists or armed robbery. But when the office building is owned by a superhero, Kensei imagined this was a bit more typical. She wasn't sure how many superheroes brought a mob.

Becky, Kensei's liaison from last time, looked overwhelmed by the sight of all the people. Not only did Kensei have Pícara and the Templars with her, but also her dad, grandfather, Grandma Brown, Ashley, and all of the Dolls. All wore a mask of some sort, even Grandma Brown (who hated it). Kensei wasn't sure...

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