Chapter 20 - Preemptive Strikes (3)
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Jamie limped home, bracketed by her dad and Grandfather. Grandpa Hattori was beaming, talking nonstop. She had so far heard about a similar robot attack in Hawaii (led by Maiden China), how much fun it was to be back in the saddle, and how brilliant Jamie was for her idea to use the sword to cut out the enchantments.

Or, at least, that's what Jamie thought he was saying. The more he talked, the more he slipped into Pidgin. Combined with her exhaustion, Jamie couldn't quite keep up with his thick accent, different grammatical structure, and mix of four different languages spoken at once.

Between her impromptu team and the police, they eventually brought down the last of the robots. By the time they were done, it was well after midnight. Pícara left, done with being social but promising to k...

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