Chapter 20 - Preemptive Strikes (2)
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Jamie felt like Awe Roarer was ready to start punching people right now if it would help with the situation. "Okay then. You guys get West Key."

Looking satisfied, Roary uncrossed her arms and went back to slouching against the dining room wall.

"We can do Quayside," Pícara said.

"Wait, so I'm left with Regency Heights?" Jamie asked.

Pícara shrugged, unconcerned.

"I don't think I can get away with strolling through Mansion Land, costume or no."

"Oh, what? And I can?"

"What if we drove around in our car?" her dad offered.

"Dad, I don't think driving around in a twenty-year-old Saturn is going to make us look less conspicuous in the land of billionaires, or maintain my secret identit...

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