Chapter 20 - Preemptive Strikes (1)
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Tension hung in the air, which for Jamie was almost literal. The spirit of her house stood on the dining room table and slowly turned with a look of anxiety on his face, as though he could keep the house from exploding if he kept an eye on everyone at once.

At one end of the dining room table sat Pícara, who refused to show up and discuss superhero business without her mask and her entourage of Templars hovering behind her. At the other end sat Jamie, who had run to get her costume just in case, but didn't want to be seen as Kensei in her own house. Behind Jamie, the Glass Eyed Dolls stood, sat, or leaned depending on their mood. On either side of the table was everyone else: her mom, grandparents, and Ashley.

Grandpa Hattori and Grandma Brown both kept an eye on Pícara. Jami...

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