Chapter 19 - This Looks Like a Job for Pajamas (2)
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"Oh, hush you," her grandmother replied before turning back to Jamie. "Are you doing any better now that you've had time to rest?"

Jamie swallowed a mouthful of food. "How could I possibly be better?"

"Well, you can form sentences, so that's an improvement. People can recover from bad things happening to them. After meeting your grandfather, it's like I entered a crazy world where anyone could be a supervillain. I dated someone who turned out to be a Chinese spy. He dated a surfing supervillain named ... What was her name, Ken? Taiko?"

"Mako," he called back. "Like a shark. And she was more like a bank robber than a supervillain."

"If a person wears tights and has a secret identity when they commit crimes, I'm calling...

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