Chapter 19 - This Looks Like a Job for Pajamas (1)
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Jamie lay on her bed and stared at her TV screen, watching the progress bar not move. She wondered if she could hurry the update by browbeating the spirit of her video game console. But that sounded too much like work. So she continued to lay there.

The status bar moved up a pixel right before the door opened. Without looking up, Jamie said, "I put up the 'Do Not Disturb' sign so I wouldn't be disturbed. This is being disturbed."

Grandma Brown sat on the corner of the bed. "I've never been much for following other people's instructions."

"I guess that's all kinds of ironic, then." Jamie said. She fought the urge to look at her grandmother. Instead, she just continued staring at the TV. The status bar moved another pixel.

After a few moment...

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