Chapter 18 - It Got Awkward (3)
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The first thing Jamie smelled when she jolted awake was wood smoke and cooking meat. Darkness still filled the world outside her windows, with a bit of light visible from a distant streetlight. She'd had a nightmare of Parker slowly cutting her up with that saber.

As Jamie's eyes started to focus, she saw someone standing by her bed, a silhouette framed in the dim light of the window. Panicked, Jamie scrambled back across her bed, trying to pick up her balisong from where she had it resting next to her.

"It's just me," Sabrina said. "Sorry. I get these visions and I feel compelled to go after them. I didn't pause to think what it would be like for you to wake up with someone in your bedroom like in Watching You Sleep."

Jamie tried to will he...

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