Chapter 18 - It Got Awkward (2)
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Kensei jogged down the alley, splashing through the puddles as she went. The shoes she had gotten with her new costume were waterproof, unlike the tabi she used to wear. She didn't think she could ever go back to slumming it with her ad hoc costume.

She didn't know what to think of what Masato had said. She wondered if there was some way she could use her powers to help Alexis. She didn't think she could do it while trying to resolve the whole mess with Imperial Dynamo, but it seemed to be within the realm of her abilities. She could clear at least one mistake from her past.

She slowed to a stop a few blocks from her hideout and said, "Karl?"

In an instant, the spirit was there. "Yes?"

"You once told me you didn't know what happen...

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