Chapter 18 - It Got Awkward (1)
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The attic of the Cobalt City Buddhist church had one window, covered in grime from years of disuse. It was a storage area that didn't get visited often. But Kensei kept the window unlocked in case she needed to get in while in costume. Tonight was such a night.

Agyo stood on the roof and looked down at her as she climbed up the drainpipe. "Really? You can't just use a door like a normal person?"

Kensei paused and rested for a few moments. She couldn't remember the last time she had been this exhausted. All of her limbs felt rubbery. "This would be a lot easier if you stopped heckling me."

"I'm just saying, you have keys to this place. You could avoid this."

She resumed climbing. "I don't want anyone who happens to be nearby to know th...

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