Chapter 17 - We Learned Something Today (3)
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Jamie made it a few blocks from the coffee shop before a battered two-door hatchback passed her as it screeched to a halt. Inside were almost a dozen teenage girls pressed into the small space. Crass Hopper came out of the car first. Other girls from the Glass Eyed Dolls poured out of it like a clown car.

Crass double timed it to where Jamie stood on the sidewalk. "Jamie! I'm glad we spotted you! We were just at Tomboy's house and found out she's missing!"

As exhausted as she was, the best she could think to say was, "Yeah, I heard that too."

"Is..." Crass dropped her voice to a whisper. "... Kensei on the case?"

Jamie winced, realizing that all of the girls nearby probably knew as well. This was becoming the worst kept secret identity....

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