Chapter 17 - We Learned Something Today (2)
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Dave took a deep breath and perched on the edge of the other bench, setting the dishes down. "There's a certain level of inertia found in a large body of belief. I'm guessing with Saint Jeanne involved, this involves Catholicism. And Catholicism has a whole body of initiation: Baptism, First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation."

"So anyone initiated into that religion falls under those rules?"

"Basically. You have to convert to something else, or renounce it entirely. If you just lapse, then you're still part of it."

"What happens to people who aren't part of some big religion, then?"

"Varies depending on a lot of things. Some move on to some nebulously defined afterlife of bodiless bliss. Some are reincarnated in some fashion. Some just dissi...

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