Chapter 17 - We Learned Something Today (1)
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Jamie clutched her coffee cup like it was her life line and huddled in the far corner of her booth. A phantom cat sat in front of her and groomed its paw. Outside of the Shambalah Coffee House, a steady patter of rain fell, loud enough that it could be heard through the walls. Very few people were in the coffee shop. The cold rain probably scared off any teens who didn't have their own cars.

She had never felt so exhausted after a night of patrolling. For that matter, she had never put in so many miles of rooftop. After helping the Templars get Pícara to Dr. Hao in Morriston and then to the abandoned church they were working out of, she didn't get home until nearly sunrise. Rather than try to get some sleep, she just turned and went back out to school.

The bell on the...

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