Chapter 16 - Hollowing Out (4)
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The three heroes sat on an office building rooftop at the far edge of the Hollows, looking at the skyline. Kensei was tired to the bone, but didn't want to give up for the night while the more experienced heroes were with her. So she filled her time with using her patch kit to reseal the tiny tears in her suit left by the razor wig.

Huntsman turned the knife from Power Tool's leg in his hand. "This is the work of Michael Liang. Weapons manufacturer in Hong Kong, mostly sells on the black market. Specializes in blades. He's a popular choice for people who want otherwise non-distinct but high quality. Balanced for throwing, no notable personality to the weapon, but definitely the hallmark of a professional. Having run into Marco Cross, I'm inclined to think it's him. But that could be b...

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