Chapter 16 - Hollowing Out (3)
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The woman looked up at Kensei with a lopsided smile. Her face was much younger than Kensei had expected. Perhaps not even much older than Kensei. She reminded Kensei of Parker on a very superficial level. "Oh, I don't care about that. I just don't like to be grilled by capes in front of my peers. If I'm going to sell out someone, I want to put up a good show of resisting. I didn't expect you to have someone lurking on rooftops."

Kensei glanced up, not certain who could have been on the rooftops. Neither of the other superheroes with her could have gotten up there that fast. Kensei looked back down at the knife in the woman's thigh. She sheathed her sword and opened a belt pouch to pull out various first aid supplies.

"I'm going to take the knife out, try...

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