Chapter 16 - Hollowing Out (2)
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From outside, you could miss Macky's. It occupied the ground floor of what otherwise seemed to be an abandoned two-story brick building. The word "Macky's" was spray-painted on the side, black paint barely visible in the dark. As far as Kensei could see, the best indicator that something was there was a pair of young men in skinny jeans. One wore a Yogi Bear T-shirt, the other a button up shirt and a bolo tie. They smoked cloves and gazed sullenly around.

This was the fourth bar the trio had visited. Prior to that night, Kensei had never actually been in a bar. But Huntsman clued her into a Massachusetts Commonwealth law that she'd not heard before: masked vigilantes under the legal drinking age could still enter bars while in pursuit of an investigation.

The first two bars, wh...

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