Chapter 16 - Hollowing Out (1)
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Kensei stood on the rooftop beside Huntsman and Libertine, looking out over the dark streets of the Hollows. Most of the streetlights looked broken, so the lighting came from the partially lit neon signs of the bars on the main drag and infrequent headlights from cars on the street. In the distance, a siren sounded as a background to the infrequent sounds of gunshots.

Huntsman took off at a lope along the rooftops, Libertine close at his side. Kensei hurried to keep up. She'd patrolled with them in Karlsburg, but this was different. Both of the senior superheroes seemed tenser. More alert. They clung to the darkest shadows and kept quiet. Kensei felt like she was in one of those war movies, behind enemy lines.

The Hollows was the worst part of Cobalt City. Kensei had heard that it had always bee...

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