Chapter 13 - Walk of Shame (2)
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She frowned, then remembered that it had been in Barcelona. She searched for "Barcelona Olympics fencing." Wikipedia offered an article on "Fencing at the 1992 Summer Olympics." She clicked through and found the entries for "Women's Foil" and "Women's Team Foil." Italian fencers had taken the Gold in both of those categories, but none were named Portinari. In fact, the Gold medalist for "Women's Foil" was Giovanna Trillini. She had competed as recently as 2008, and had had a son in 2009.

None of which sounded like she was a freelance fencing instructor. Jamie's stomach knotted up in dread.

She searched for just "Portinari." One of the first options was a disambiguation page for the name. First on the list was "Beatrice Portinari (1266–1290...

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