Chapter 13 - Walk of Shame (1)
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The car ride home was awkward and weird. Really, everything about leaving the lair had been awkward and weird. When Jamie finally felt capable of pulling herself out of bed and getting dressed, she and Sabrina did so in silence. It was late afternoon as they came out of the lair and stumbled to Sabrina's car, bright sun shining through a clear but freezing sky.

Sabrina put on a pair of sunglasses in the car and looked as hard and implacable as she usually did. Any tenderness or vulnerability was hidden away. The spirit of the station wagon simply sat in the back seat and looked at Jamie, a stricken expression on his face. She couldn't imagine what the spirit would have done if they'd actually had sex.

Jamie glanced at her phone. They'd missed school. By a lot. There were dozens of mi...

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