Chapter 12 - Cold and Dark (3)
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Jamie woke safe in bed. She was exhausted and every part of her ached. But she was safe. She couldn't remember exactly how she had gotten there, but she was there. Parker spooned her from behind, a comforting warmth under the blankets, with an arm wrapped around Jamie's waist. Jamie stroked her girlfriend's arm and snuggled back against Parker.

By degrees, Jamie remembered the helicopter. The fight. The fall. The swim. She noticed that she wasn't in her bed at home, she was on the foam rubber mattress in her lair. But how did Parker get to her lair? And why was Jamie sleeping in her sports bra instead of a T-shirt? The more she thought about it, the more wrong everything felt. She slid her hand into the hand that rested against her, and the two hands clasped together. It didn't feel like...

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