Chapter 12 - Cold and Dark (2)
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Pícara stared down at her, letting the momentum ease. Kensei grabbed the rope again with her left hand, pointed up at the door where Imperial Dynamo had been and mimed a gun with her thumb and index finger.

With a nod, Pícara pointed to the other side of the helicopter. Kensei nodded, hoping she understood Pícara's intent as the other girl began swinging Kensei in the opposite direction. Kensei drew her sword, hoping that it was just as magical as Grandpa Hattori had said. As she came up level with the door on the other side, she stabbed the sword against the door with her hand on the pommel. It pierced through the steel of the door, and she hung on with all her strength as she reached for the latch. The door slid to the side before she could get her hand there, but stopped part...

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