Chapter 12 - Cold and Dark (1)
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Kensei sat leaning against the bottom of a rooftop water tower while Pícara cleaned the bite wound on Kensei's arm. The building they were on top of was one of the tallest in the neighborhood. Kensei always loved the view, and it was a good place to rest where she was unlikely to be disturbed.

"Are you sure you don't need stitches?" Pícara asked. "I mean, this looks nasty. And who knows what kind of diseases spirit lions have."

"I tend to heal quick and clean. And it's my spirit lion, a weird, butch reflection of me. Can it even have diseases if I don't have any?"

Pícara began winding a gauze bandage around Kensei's arm. "I'm going to refrain from making snide comments about your girlfriend for once."


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