Chapter 11 - Opening Night (3)
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"I'm just here for information," Malenfant said.

"Can't you just send an email?" Kensei asked. "Or a postcard? Invite me to an online survey? Why are you a dick every time I see you?"

"Because people must know their place."

"And yet you want something from me? Or are you here to spread the good news about the King in Yellow?"

"There is a god after you," Malenfant spat out. "Did you know that?"

"Besides the King in Yellow?"

"Yes, you nitwit. Loki."

"W-what?" Kensei had no snappy retort for that. "Like Loki the Norse god Loki?"

He sighed. "Yes. Eris was hired by him to choose an avatar from one of your schoolmates. He may have even provided the...

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