Chapter 11 - Opening Night (2)
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"She lured me into an alley, then attacked me for no reason. She was just crazy. Making wild accusations without proof about things I'd never done."

Kensei muttered, "That lying asshole."

"That's terrible, just terrible. And what were the consequences of her actions?" Prather said.

"My knees have been all messed up since she attacked me. I lost my job. My wife ... My wife left because I had other problems."

"I wonder if that's because I kicked him in the nuts," said Kensei. As she did, she noticed one of the spectators in the mob looking up at her. A middle aged man with a bit of a paunch, his pale face framed by his widowpeaked hair. "We need to go."

She turned and bolted, trusting that Pícara would ke...

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