Chapter 11 - Opening Night (1)
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Jamie had gotten used to having a degree of privacy when she went into her tiny lair to change into her costume. So she was unprepared to see a costumed figure standing in the middle of her normally unoccupied space. From the door, all Jamie could see was a broad brimmed black hat with a red feather coming off of it, and a red jacket, cinched in at the waist and flaring at the hips.

"How did you get in here?" Jamie asked as she backed up into a defensive stance.

The other person turned and huffed. "You invited me in here, dumbass."

"Sabrina?" Jamie asked.

Sabrina turned, revealing the rest of her costume: domino mask that covered her eyes, black slacks, and heavy boots.

"Pícara rides again?" Jamie asked.

"I guess so. Do you approve?&...

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