Chapter 10 - The Devil, You Say (1)
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The storm raged outside, heavy drops of rain hammering against the front of the Hattori's house. Jamie snuck through the front door and quietly closed it behind her. She debated whether to take off her coat in the hallway, or wear it up to her room even though it was dripping. She opted to leave it on, since her mom wasn't around to get mad at her. One small benefit to the mess of having separated parents.

Her day had been the first sane one in a while. Parker had talked less about her dad and more about derby. Sabrina had rejoined her cheer squad and delivered enough drive-by bitch-snark to make up for the lost time. Even if things weren't perfect, it was nice to feel like they were. And after such a normal day, she didn't want to deal with her dad or grandparents. She just wanted t...

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