Chapter 8 - Legacy (4)
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Jamie stumbled through her front door, weary to the bone. She'd spent a couple hours running Sabrina through some basic drills and did a little sparring with her. Dave had been right: Sabrina was faster and stronger than before. What she lacked in experience, she could offset with raw power. It put Jamie through her paces, but she'd had fun. It had been years since she'd gotten to spar with anyone, unless you counted Parker. Which Jamie didn't.

She heard the TV in the family room going and called out a broad, "I'm home!" before staggering up the stairs.

As she got to her room, her dad called from the bottom of the stairs, "Hey, we already ate. But there's some leftover Chinese in the fridge if you want some."

"Okay," she yelled back as her st...

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