Chapter 8 - Legacy (3)
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Sabrina looked at Jamie nervously before turning and unlatching the chest. It creaked as she opened it and filled the area with the smell of musty paper. Jamie leaned forward over Sabrina's shoulder, resisting the urge to dig through it herself. It was a supreme effort of will to not just push past Sabrina and look at everything.

Across the top of it lay a hat with a sword underneath it. The hat was black and broad brimmed, trailing a red plume, the sort of thing a swashbuckler might wear. Jamie didn't know much about European swords, but the one in the chest reminded her of a rapier. Sabrina carefully removed those and set them to the side.

Beneath that, one half of the box was just filled with books, old leather-bound journals with very little identifying information. Sabrina picked one u...

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