Chapter 8 - Legacy (2)
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Monica nodded and rushed to hug Sabrina. Bill left through the door he had come through, and Jamie heard footsteps heading down into the basement. When Monica finally pulled back from Sabrina, she looked at Jamie.

"Are you also chosen?" Sabrina's mom asked.

"Me? Chosen by Joan? No. I'm, just ..."

"She knows about this sort of stuff. She's ... she knows a lot about angels. And saints. And stuff like that."

"I guess it's just as well," Monica said. "Someone as tiny as you should probably not get involved in this sort of thing."

Before Jamie could offer a retort, Bill came back, struggling with a heavy dust-covered wooden chest that he dropped on the kitchen table. He looked at Sabrina expectantly, then at Monica. Sabrina's mom t...

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