Chapter 7 - Gods Among Us (6)
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"Neither. I'm just me."

"So you're just some raw entity without any filter," Sabrina said.

"Yeah, awe inspiring, isn't it?" Dave asked with a gentle smile.

"Not really. You just look sort of girly and lame."

Jamie turned and stared at Sabrina in disbelief. "Really? You can't be nice to someone helping you?"

"Sorry, I thought he wanted an honest answer. So what was that about golden apples?"

"Eris," Jamie said. "One of her symbols is a golden apple. So when Ashley was the avatar of Eris, she could use apples to focus her power to create strife. She could also lend that power to people, turning them into a sort of vampire called a strix."

Sabrina frowned. "Are they always vam...

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