Chapter 7 - Gods Among Us (4)
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"I am hunting the soul of Beatrice Fiorenza, liberated from eternal damnation against the wishes of God. She is now in your city under the mantle of 'Imperial Dynamo' for reasons unknown to me. You are in a position to stop her. It is the Lord's desire that I assist you in recapturing her and returning her to Hell."

Jamie didn't like the connections this was forming in her head. "So some ancestor of Parker's is posing as Imperial Dynamo?"

"Your harlot's ancestor, Beatrice Fiorenza, is the one and only Imperial Dynamo. She died in 1944 and was consigned to Hell for her many unrepentant sins."

Jamie tightened her grip on her sword, getting really tired of Jeanne's attitude. She fought off the urge to just attack the saint. Instead she said, "Okay,...

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