Chapter 7 - Gods Among Us (2)
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After the stress of the day, the last thing Jamie wanted to see was Sabrina's station wagon parked in front of her house. She walked up to it, anticipating that Cristobal would appear at any second and begin haranguing her for being a lesbian. But nothing happened. She could feel the spirit of the car still there, but it was subdued and anxious. She looked inside and saw a prone form in the backseat, bundled up in an oversized Lincoln High School Logger sweatshirt.

She looked around, half expecting to see a camera crew lying in wait. But no one was nearby, not even cars driving down her section of street. Jamie turned back to the car and knocked. The form inside sat up slowly, pulling back its hood to reveal Sabrina's face. She looked around in confusion and then focused on Jamie. After some scooting ar...

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