Chapter 6 - Ghosts of the Past (3)
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Grandma Brown looked dubious. "You roller skate?"

"Well, I did buy that roller rink. And, yeah, sometimes I lace up and do a little open skate." Cole did a small shimmy with a forced smile.

Turning to Gloria and Jamie, Grandma Brown said, "Cole came out to Kansas City and we both assisted the police on a few cases. As consultants."

Cole nodded. "Yeah, consultant. I was a consultant."

Jamie suddenly remembered Cole mentioning a Baptist woman who had similar powers to Jamie. He'd specifically described the woman as "foxy." Jamie wondered if it was Grandma Brown he was talking about, and then felt a little ill at the notion of Cole being smitten with Grandma Brown.

"Dad," Tera said from behind him. "We should really get going if...

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