Chapter 6 - Ghosts of the Past (2)
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While Grandma Hattori spoke with her dad about the Dharma service, Grandpa Hattori quietly regarded the wall of photos. The historical group within the temple had set up a display about Japanese Americans in the 1940s. Black and white images of families in internment camps sat mixed with pictures of the Japanese-American battalions. Jamie took a moment to regard the images of these men and women, some who still lived and attended service.

The story of the Japanese Americans in Cobalt City was one she heard a lot going to Dharma School in the church. The internment of Japanese Americans living on the West Coast. The battalions of nisei who volunteered to fight in Europe for the U.S. The band of Japanese families that decided to relocate to Cobalt City, on the other side of the country, rather than retu...

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