Chapter 6 - Ghosts of the Past (1)
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The Sunday service ended, and the other attendees stood from their pews and began to shuffle out. Some headed downstairs for the Dharma Exchange. Others headed for the front doors to deal with the rest of their Sunday. Jamie remained seated and stared quietly at the statue of Amida Buddha.

She half noticed the Sodha family pass by her, aware of them only in her peripheral vision. They didn't stop. She didn't acknowledge them. They left and, after a few moments, Jamie allowed herself to breathe. She'd ended a long absence from Sunday services a month earlier when she had brought Parker to service. That time, she ended up fleeing in terror after having to see Mr. and Mrs. Sodha. This time she just sat in her seat. She didn't want to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her run again, especially wit...

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